Hello, my name is Maria and I am a digital painter, illustrator, doodler, and graphic designer. I work freelance as well as booth at conventions. In my spare time, I'm usually curled up with my cat and a warm cup of tea, sketching or reading.

Take a look at my convention schedule  –  I may see you there.

Upcoming Conventions

July 24-26 2020

September 5-6 2020


Hall of Heroes Comic Con

Kalamazoo, MI

Elkhart, IN

September 17-19 2020

FanX Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake City, UT

November 13-15 2020

Grand Rapids Comic Con

Grand Rapids, MI

Past Conventions

February 2018

Anime Milwaukee

August 2019

Indiana Comic Con

Milwaukee, WI

Indianapolis, IN

June 2019

Anime Matsuri

Houston, TX

September 2019

Hall of Heroes Comic Con

Elkhart, IN

July 2019


Kalamazoo, MI

November 2019

Grand Rapids Comic Con

Grand Rapids, MI

Interested in supporting my work?

I have an online Etsy shop with prints, postcards, and stickers.


See the process behind my illustrations through the speedpaints on my YouTube channel.

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