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Jack Frost art process

Tools Used


2017 iPad Pro

 Apple Pencil

Frost brighten.jpeg


Completed in 6 hours.

Step 1 | Sketch


The sketch phase is quite rough. I generally work as quickly as possible at this stage in order to capture my initial idea without worrying about details.

I use the HB Pencil brush in Procreate for this step.

Step 2 | Base Colors


The base colors come next. I lay down a palette idea to set the mood and vibe I want to bring across with the piece.

I also set the sketch layer to multiply mode here so it reflects the colors beneath it.

Step 3 | Refine


Now I refine the sketch and block out color areas. I also erase the sketch underneath in places where I no longer need those lines.

This step is where things look pretty messy.

Step 4 | Render


The render stage involves continuing to clean up and refine the details.

I also subtly change up the pose a bit.

Step 5 | Render/Finalize

Frost brighten.jpeg

This is the section is where the majority of my time is spent. On an illustration I decide to render more realistically, it takes many passes to get the whole piece to the same level of finish.

I'll do a final color adjustment and brightness pass at the end, especially if I'm prepping it
for print.

I generally like to take a break for a day at the final stage. When I look at it with fresh eyes later, I often see mistakes I previously missed.

Watch the full video process below

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